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[MISC] Other ideas

  • Hello everybody! Still.. comes to mind two things:

    1. Golf everywhere (or anywhere)
      I would like to anywhere - able to push a button and be with the stick in his hands in this place, kick the ball and watch as it flies! (If it is possible to continue from the point where the ball fell, but can just re - CLICK on "Key")
      (Just all the existing field has long passed the 1,000,000 visits and would like something new. And in this way it would be possible to play at the new location. Just play.)

    2. The editor character of GTA Online in single-player mode.. (the ability to create the appearance of the character) ((that very))
      I'm not saying about, to be able to save them. Just to be able to get there! ((On the possibility to save them and play with them, I would not mind in the single-player mode, but...))
      (I do not want to remove or lose their already established characters in GTA Online, or change them).

    Preferably the variant with Golf.

    It generally is real??? ;)
    Thx, Sry for my Googlish)

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