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World of Variety mod issue - Simeon freezes on first mission

  • I am having issues with WoV. Scripthook is updated, nativeui installed, enablempcars.asi installed. I also use naturalvision, simpletrainer, livelyworld and open interior mods.

    I've downloaded the 1.6% save as instructed, turned off autosave, loaded 1.6, and saved again. When I go to Simeon's and walk in, he comes out and freezes in place. I can walk around slowly, but can't interact with anything.

    There's supposed to be a cut scene that happens after Simeon walks out, so that's where the break happens.

  • I have the same issue. To be sure, I uninstalled all mods and reinstalled one by one. WoV is the cause of the freeze.

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