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Use Online Character in Story Mode?

  • Is it possible to use online character in story mode?

  • You can use a trainer to change your character model I think.

    I don't play online I am not sure, enhanced native trainer has a feature like this but I didn't try.

  • @R3dSt0rm Use a trainer and spawn a basic mp character. Than go to director mode and pick your online character than simple just quit the DM mode. After that you have the same look and you can save it example with menyoo (wardrobe-save outfit). That is all. It works for me...

  • @GambinoYT
    Thank you, it worked for me, but the weapons will be erased so I have to re-equip them again, do you know any mod that can just give me my custom loadout?

  • @R3dSt0rm Yeah, Menyoo. You can save your loadouts and bring them back anytime.

  • @R3dSt0rm Menyoo is perfect to customize your loadouts. :) No modding without Menyoo :)

  • Don't forget to save your setup to reuse. Also, you can use that to make custom MP models instead of just recreating your MP model from Online.

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