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ScripthookV broken?

  • So I was waiting for a week for the ScripthookV update for my updated version of gta so that the mods would all work again. I updated my game, updated menyoo, and updated ragehookplugin (for lspdfr). I start my game and it launches once with everything working normally, but I see my modded cars aren't working. I exit and check openiv (have to update the vehicle locations every update). I didn't copy paste any files, but openiv requested that I needed an asi loader and openiv asi file, which is weird because they were already installed. I opened the game up again and I see this shit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ll7n0vgnrlunwk6/AADpY4bWjhyOCHd17H0n7lLVa?dl=0

    Cars on the roads are all driving, but all the cars I enter have no wheels. The wheels are tucked in diagonally underneath, and when I press "w" to go forward, the car drops down flush with the ground. I was troubleshooting, opening and closing the game, deleting mods, going through every mod, and then I found the problem.

    SCRIPTHOOKV made my cars have no wheels and now I can't drive any vehicles. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue. I have isolated it to just scripthookV, and I've never had this issue before, I usually just update menyoo and scripthookv together and everything works again.

    I have posted this in both subreddits, hopefully someone knows something about this. Maybe I just don't know the inner workings of my gta folder.

  • I don't know about cars, but I can certainly assure you Script Hook is not causing this - I can run all my modding scripts okay, so it must be something different. If SH was rotten, I would certainly be unable to do this.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea about cars, so sorry I can't help you out. I'm sure though that your problem lies elsewhere and not in Blade's product.

    I also noticed that you did not mention Script Hook V .net? Make sure this is updated too, though I'm not sure if this is a requirement for cars...?


    That's not ScriptHookV, that's my Manual Transmission script. Scripts also need updating.

    Y'all make me realize copious amounts of data collection and constant update nag prompts aren't such a bad idea at all.

  • @ikt said in ScripthookV broken?:

    Y'all make me realize copious amounts of data collection and constant update nag prompts aren't such a bad idea at all.

    Otoh you'd support laziness and ignorance this way. ;)

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