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Zombie Ambient Weather Option

  • A mixture of the halloween weather but without the rain and replaced with fog instead. Is this possible? 0_1522367970752_upload-544fda5f-d2c9-4576-8148-cdbe41b45f20

  • Open weather.xml (update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5), search HALLOWEEN and change Rain value="1.000000"/> to <Rain value="0.000000"/>

    As for the fog, you can try changing <Fog value="0.000000"/> to <Fog value="1.000000"/>
    This is how it looks:
    alt text

    But if you want the fog from the foggy weather, then you need to edit w_halloween.xml

  • @Alex106 So it completely removes the green sky? Because thats the strongest appeal of the weather mod for me.

  • No, all the rest remains the same

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