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[SCRIPT][REL]Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support


  • @ikt Oh ok thanks. Perfect mod tho.

  • Hi ! Amazing job mate, I was extremely surprised to see it working with my old old OLD Momo Racing wheel from Logitech. I find the settings quite easy to play with which is awesome, but I only have one weird issue. My wheel has some resistance when it's not ready to use (basically, not in game) which makes it rotate back to its central position when trying to go left or right. it's completely normal, but when in game, it shouldn't happen. I have disabled manual transmission in the ini, and the wheel is behaving normally at first but when I activate the manual transmission via my shortcut in game, the wheel enters that resistance state where it tries to come back to the central position while I'm playing. Everything works though, but I can't figure out why changing the transmission mode is making the wheel go back to the out of game state. Did I miss something in the setup of the ini that can cause such a behavior ? Thanks ;)



    Did you turn it off in the drivers? It should only auto-center depending on speed.

  • @ikt yup, i turned it off, but in that state, the wheel is also a bit harder to rotate, even with the auto centering turned off. I really don't see why auto / manual transmission toggling would cause such a behavior...


    Yes, it should be harder to rotate. What happens if you set both damper forced to 0?


    Ayo anybody interested in getting more devices to work? (Separate shifter, pedals, etc)


    So, I just need to get this out but it'll be largely irrelevant for most, if not all people, at this point in time.

    I replaced the crappy "CenterForce" and "ConstantForce" (PhysicsForce) with one force which is really just acceleration in a circular, uniform motion. Since, that is what we care about in modeling force feedback. Stupid that it hadn't gotten to me earlier, and it's so simple too. Just multiply velocity with the rotational velocity, and bam, there you have it. Divide by 9.81 to have it display in "G" too, multiply that by something that makes FF feel-able and apparently it seems to do whatever other games do pretty well.

    Previously, using just the lateral acceleration, this centrifugal force does not appear, which makes going in a corner not move the wheel back straight - that required an addition of a "centering force", but this is purely a workaround for a crappy incomplete solution in first place. The behavior you'd expect is still there in the end, but it's much more accurate now and less of a guesswork on my side.

    As another plus thing, with default settings, I put the maxed out force feedback at 2.0G (An Enzo Ferrari can only corner up to 1.7G, for comparison), but it is all adjustable too, if you own a wheel with a strong motor (or weaker, but you'd have to do your best to get one weaker than a G27). Due to how things are calculated, the old version used to have a nasty feedback loop at 50kph or so, where the steering wheel swinged left-right which resulted in a crash if you didn't have your hands on the wheel. With the new formula, the car starts doing this from a speed of 150kph and up, it's cancelled by itself quickly at speeds lower than that.

    I'm still working on getting that fixed. Assetto Corsa seems to do a magic thing, I'll need to look that up how that works. If you turn on the Pedal widget, the rightmost meter shows (what I think is) the user-input force. I don't know how it can discern user-input from its own force feedback.

    I also noticed a slight (well, huge, actually) input delay. I can't pinpoint where it is, but it also contributes to the fishtailing thing. I got 15 frames delay on a 120 FPS recording - I know my display/system has an input lag of about 5 frames on a 120fps recording, so I need to figure out where the rest comes from.


    • New force feedback
    • Less fishtailing
    • Discovered input delay, needs fix


    Eh, status update, sorta.


    Structural changes:

    • Add a configuration tool
    • Restructured settings to ManualTransmission folder
    • Separated wheel settings and normal settings
    • Show warning for incorrect .ini versions

    Wheel changes:

    • Add support for multiple DirectInput devices
    • Add axis support for handbrake
    • Add back G27/G29 LEDs
    • Add option for global FF multiplier
    • Rework Force Feedback completely
    • Tweaks to soft lock
    • Add 7th gear support for H-shifter
    • Disable controller rumble while wheel is active


    • Add option to turn on/off throttle+clutch engine starting
    • Add option for clutch shifting in sequential
    • Only stall if all wheels are on the ground
    • Remove 8th gear for numpad
    • General bug fixes :^)

    To do

    • Configuration UI
    • Extended keys for keyboard input

    That's all, I guess. Some pointers on how to create a library from my C++ classes to use in C# (for Windows Forms) would be nice, I guess. Also that callback function for the keyboard thing.

  • One thing I noticed your mod doesn't really use the traction loss of the Inverse Power Mod and Realistic Driving 2.0.
    I have to try extra hard to chirp the tires in anything past 1st gear using Seq or manual mode
    Why is that???
    Even if I grab the the absolute top of first gear and power shift into 2nd I don't have much traction loss.
    As compared to using the controller with your mod turned off high power cars will shred the tires a long time.
    I'm using

    G27 stick and pedal setup
    This mod
    Inverse Power
    Realistic Driving 2.0 with custom Inverse Power ini

  • @ikt I'm using a T500rs and when I get in the car the back wheels start spinning but the car goes nowhere. Any ideas?

  • @sbees94 Yes simply unplug your wheel and plug it back in.
    Sometimes the axis gets confused and stuck inverted.

  • Thank You for Your amazing work! I am only into driving realism gameplay and without Your mod, it just aint possible. Keep up the good work and always know that You must be respected for Your work!

    Some thoughts after many months of testing:

    • Sometimes axles go crazy when u enter the car first time. Solution is to toggle on/off the mod and axles will be reset.
    • Drifting is still IMPOSSIBLE if you want SIMULATION experience(only some simple handling.meta modifying to get some arcadish-feeling). I seriously drift in Assetto Corsa and sometimes take part in competitions and I know, what is drifting and what is not. The best solution to "override" that shitty vehicle physics is "InversePower", but even that in combination with your mod is too crap for a proper gameplay...
    • Your mod works really well with "Custom Steering"-mod, but I You should know that.
    • Still haven´t got clear thoughts, how to setup FFB properly. Default is OK, but any changes usually ends up making things more worse.

    Good luck in working against very crappy (vehicle) physics engine, although that overall photorealism experience is just off the hook!

    EDIT: I am sitting on a G25

  • @IKT Ah finally figured it out.
    Its not your mod that hinders traction loss it was the actual handling metas themselves.
    The Traction Bias Front needs to be a little less in the rear for a more realistic challenging traction loss and throttle control. Now with the lessened bias I can't just go mashing the pedal and power shifting through gears or Ill roast the tires. Using Simcade or Realistic Driving handling meta I can now roast the tires in a supercar above 1st gear and actually drift and powerslide better and easier.



    • Axles going crazy - This should be sorta fixed with the new version, but I'm still figuring it out.
    • The way this mod calculates force feedback is nowhere near what should be done and I'm afraid I will never get direct wheel force feedback based on the forces acting on the rubber, but I do look to improve it in the future.
    • ;)
    • Yeah, I'm still working on the FFB tweaking. I'll probably try a whole other approach once I get 4.2.0 out.

    Thanks :)

    I'll probably look into this afterwards, it should somewhat tie in with another force feedback approach.

  • Hey so I'm trying out the 4.2.0 version since you added the steering fix, however I can't seem to get it to work correctly.
    First things first I noticed it's two different ini's now, so I removed the original gears files, and added in the gears.asi and the two settings files. Then I went in and adjusted the two settings files to get them to same settings as the old gears.ini, working with my wheel. I changed the input devices to look like this so that it matched my wheel.
    DEV0 = Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel USB
    GUID0 = {A56B3560-F869-11E6-8002-444553540000}

    After that all I did was change the buttons around to how I had them, and then I launched the game. When I got in a car I got a big red error text at the top of the screen saying that both the settings files were the wrong version. Picture of that here

    Here's what the log file posts. This is me starting the game, and then closing it after getting the error.
    [01:06:12.278] GTAVManualTransmission v4.2.0
    [01:06:12.280] VER_1_0_944_2_STEAM
    [01:06:12.283] Script loaded
    [01:07:29.762] Settings read
    [01:07:29.764] Initialization finished
    [01:07:49.462] GEARBOX: Patching
    [01:07:49.475] GEARBOX: Patched clutchLow @ 7ff76143cff9
    [01:07:49.488] GEARBOX: Patched gear7A0 @ 7ff76143d005
    [01:07:49.490] GEARBOX: Patch success
    [01:08:04.213] Init shutdown
    [01:08:04.216] GEARBOX: Restoring instructions
    [01:08:04.219] GEARBOX: Restore success
    [01:08:04.222] STEERING: Restoring instructions
    [01:08:04.225] STEERING: Already restored/intact
    [01:08:04.227] Shut down script successfully

    Any ideas? Is it something super simple I'm doing wrong?


    By now you've already changed your wheel, but massive thanks for that report. I think that my writing of the LEDs might have crashed the game so I made that option optional now.



    Should appear on the mod page soon.
    New README

  • @ikt Should I update???



    Current release is still compatible with 1.0.1011.1.

    Thanks for not changing the vehicle class, Rockstar! :)


    Update to beta 2
    Fixes things here and there, makes DIUtil a bit easier to use.

    Does anyone even care about 4.2.0 or are people still on 4.1.3?

    Anyway, FiveM support has arrived!

  • @mrossama8 bro does this apply for g920 also is it with the manual gear shifter


    I did a thing.

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