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[SCRIPT][REL]Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support

  • @ikt nice menu :)
    Two questions though...

    Is V4.2.0 found on the main page same as the one released as beta on your github earlier or is it different?

    Also, can you implement a similar menu to your inverse power mod and maybe add options to use gear number as a negative feedback instead of just using speed (since different vehicles have different top speeds and is probably more consistent to use gear number instead) and have the power increase also effect motorbikes and ATVs (toggle-able if possible)


    v4.2.0 is the stable release, which is also hosted on GitHub. Other versions (with the beta thingy) are older.

    Not sure if I want to add that bloat to InversePower but I'll see. I need to re-write it anyway and find out what the hell is actually happening when installing upgrades.

  • @ikt oh ok, I'll download the latest version then.

    And yeah, it's quite a bit of random stuff to add, but it's just a personal suggestion since I think using gear number is more consistent than using speed as a negative feedback loop, mostly cause limiting the increased power to the first 3 or 4 gears will leave top speeds alone and have drift capabilities at lower speeds/gears.


    Well, porting over the wheel config code wasn't as terrible as I imagined it would be. Axis configs are done now.

    Now to find a good way to do these buttons, manually adding 15 menu entries could be a bit much... :thinking:

    Also can someone who's somewhat competent in general tell me how hard it is to install the mod? Save for the wheel shit, I know it's hard.

    Only correlation I could find is speed and angle, as power drop seems linear. I'll need to dissect the thing to see which properties change how though.

    I'd really rather not though, it's a simple no-memory editing quick fix that does its job great. Making it gear or RPM-dependent will definitively break it after bigger R* update.


    This post is deleted!


    Got some complaints that the menu was hideous. Well, it's still an improvement over no menu and a very shitty cmd tool :p

    I took some time polishing up the class I used for my menu. Went from this:

    b4 to this: after

    Almost looks about as passable as NativeUI, no? :D I just need to also replace the highlighting with some texture drawing. Maybe give it some more width and decrease font size.

    These changes will also be in any following versions of any of my mods using the same menu.


    Whoop, I revamped the stalling thing.

  • @ikt

    This looks great.

    I have a small question. I play GTA V on the PS4 gamepad. Could you create a script that requires a switch between braking and undo?

    At the moment when I brake the car it stops and stupidly starts to reverse back.

    Is it possible for the car to brake only and stop and not automatically reverse? Only when I push the switch / key / button on the gamepad and then it switches backwards?



    My mod already covers those things.

  • @ikt

    Is it possible to set your modifications to only work on a braking / reversing switch?

    I play PS4 gamepad and do not use shift and other things. I would like to get rid of accidental reversing of the car when braking. Is it possible?


    The automatic gearbox is just that, except the shifting timings are a bit off and there's a neutral gear between R and 1. Have you even tried this mod?

    You can turn off pretty much every feature if so desired.

  • @ikt

    I will test it. If I have new questions, I will call. Regards and thanks for developing the fashion :)

    I have not checked the new versions for a long time, so I did not know it was possible.


    Another update! (4.3.2)

    You probably won't notice too much from the control-related bug fixes (edge cases with reversing, clutch catching). The complaint that stalling is too sudden has been addressed - now the car takes a while to stall (depending on how much power it has). Having clutch catch enabled will even jerk the thing forward like your first driving lessons:

    Somebody also requested for a button as clutch for a wheel, so that's been added. It only works if no analog clutch is defined, so it can be useful for those with just two pedals. Also wheel-related - steering multiplier was found and I thought it'd be useful to be able to change this. Some handling mods have a decreased steering angle, which makes the cars harder to drive with a wheel. Increasing steering multiplier gives you back a reasonable turning radius and could make things more responsive.

    Last but not least the menu has been significantly improved, both look and feel. It can also be opened with a controller combo now, alongside the keyboard hotkey. I left it disabled by default for less controller conflicts.

    I haven't had many questions/reports lately, but the download count seemed to have increased after the 4.3.0 release. Can anybody give me their opinion on the usability and set-up of this mod as it is now? Thanks :)

    Also - to those who used this mod for a long time - I really hope I didn't degrade quality here and there :p Obviously the 4.2.0 release (multiple DirectInput devices) made it much harder setting up a wheel (well, about as hard as Assetto Corsa anyway), but was this really an improvement overall?

  • @ikt

    I tested your latest modification.

    As I already wrote and I remember playing PS4 gamepad instead of the steering wheel and I would like to write about a few things:

    1. He was interrupted by HUD, but I found the option of his exclusion - great.

    2. I changed the option from the manual to automatic so that the gears change automatically except for the reverse gear - great.

    3 I noticed that the vehicle on the no.1 race began to slowly move forward but found an option to keep the vehicle in place - great.

    1. Play with Realistic Driving V v2.3 and noticed that after the modification, the cars are different, twisting is stronger, more oversteer and I'm not sure but vehicles with different power and speed change gears and gear. - How and where can I set the option to make cars behave as in the default Realistic Driving V v2.3?

    2. I did not find this option. Is it possible to play with the automatic option remove the neutral gear "N" and leave the reverse gear "R" + automatic gearshift when forward?

    3. I did not find this option. Is it possible to reverse the vehicle on the L2 (brake) button on the gamepad instead of on the R2 (gas)? I would like the reversing to be as original as the brake + to lock between braking and reverse. I would like it to look like this:

    • Coming forward I brake using L2 (brake).

    • The car stops but does not automatically reverse backward as it is standard in the game.

    • When the vehicle is standing and is a speed of 0 km, I activate one button change to reverse gear.

    • The vehicle starts to reverse backwards.

    • By pressing R2 (gas) I brake the car that goes backwards.

    • The vehicle begins to move forward automatically using R2 (gas)


    I added a detail panel to the menu ^^


    I can't say it's elegantly implemented as the caller is responsible for splitting their strings, but it works and looks good.

    I'll need to do whatever string magic Guadmaz is doing when I have time.


    @Remix said in [SCRIPT][RELEASED]Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support 4.3.2:

    1. This mod shouldn't impact any of that unless you're using your PS4 controller as a wheel.

    2. No.

    3. No. It was removed somewhere between 4.0 and 4.3.0.

    Mod's completely open-source and free to modify, so you can probably address 5 and 6 by yourself.

  • Can you make some new FFB sweetspot settings?


    I play with the default settings and it's plenty ok for my G27. Not sure how more sweet spot it can get.


    Taking the guesswork out of stalling with wheel data :D


    Orange = wheel locked up
    Red = wheel suspended in air (no road contact)
    Speed is in m/s at the tyre/road for that wheel (calculated from rotations and tyre radius).

    Stalling points should be about the same as previously, but now it uses the wheel speeds and only checks the driven wheels (for fwd/rwd it'll use the average of the front or rear wheels, other layouts use the average of all wheels). Since the cars stall easier (because removing the IS_VEHICLE_ON_ALL_WHEELS check and using wheel speed), I did add vehicle clutch (along with input clutch), so the car doesn't stall when you yank the handbrake.

    Stalling here would be more correct since you need to fiddle the clutch, but it's just too inconvenient and GTA V already does the clutch when the handbrake is pulled. Hence not using only the player input clutch.

    Also here's observing the ABS in action:

    Not sure if it'll be of any use, but it's interesting to see which cars can handle steering under braking :p


    Damn, you're doing great work. Are you interested in getting into game development at some point?


    I'll probably keep game modding as a hobby, as I'm already on track to be an embedded software engineer.


    Oooh thats good, too. I'm sure you'll do well. :)

  • Hello I can't get my g29 to be recognized by the mod.
    In other games the wheel work fine but the mod refuse to do it.
    The mod work with my xbox 360 controller too.
    Do you have any idea what can cause the issue?


    I don't have any idea if you aren't posting Gears.log.

  • @ikt
    [spoiler][20:25:03.864] GTAVManualTransmission v4.3.7
    [20:25:03.867] Game version VER_1_0_1103_2_STEAM
    [20:25:03.870] Script registered
    [20:30:53.365] Script started
    [20:30:53.401] Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\ManualTransmission\settings_general.ini
    [20:30:53.403] Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\ManualTransmission\settings_wheel.ini
    [20:30:53.406] Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\ManualTransmission\settings_menu.ini
    [20:30:53.424] Settings read
    [20:30:53.427] WHEEL: Initializing steering wheel
    [20:30:53.463] WHEEL: Found 1 device(s)
    [20:30:53.466] WHEEL: Device: Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel USB
    [20:30:53.468] WHEEL: GUID: {FC7DF930-6A58-11E7-8003-444553540000}
    [20:30:53.471] WHEEL: Init steering wheel success
    [20:30:53.474] WHEEL: Init FFB device
    [20:30:53.477] WHEEL: FFB device not found
    [20:30:53.480] WHEEL: Available for use in .ini:
    [20:30:53.482] {FC7DF930-6A58-11E7-8003-444553540000}
    [20:30:53.485] Initialization finished
    [20:32:08.389] GEARBOX: Patching
    [20:32:08.406] GEARBOX: Patched clutchLow @ 7ff7ac65843d
    [20:32:08.422] GEARBOX: Patched gear7A0 @ 7ff7ac658449
    [20:32:08.424] GEARBOX: Patch success
    [20:32:20.216] Init shutdown
    [20:32:20.219] GEARBOX: Restoring instructions
    [20:32:20.222] GEARBOX: Restore success
    [20:32:20.225] STEERING: Restoring instructions
    [20:32:20.229] STEERING: Already restored/intact
    [20:32:20.235] Shut down script successfully[/spoiler]

    Here are the logs if it can help

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