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[MAP] [RELEASED] Two Trains, Two Tracks: Los Santos Local

  • EDIT: It's Released! https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/2-trains-2-tracks-los-santos-local

    Designed to compliment Walter's Overhauled Trains Mod, and inspired by Exoskeleton's Extended Freight line, this mod finally enables Trains on Two Tracks. This means from Davis Quartz through Los Santos, 2 trains can be seen at the same time, on any track, in any direction. Care has been taken to ensure that collisions between trains is impossible.

    Release Roadmap (or Railmap):

    V1.0 Basic Release, trains run on 2 tracks without colliding, as seen below. Include files for Walter's Extended Trains and vanilla versions. Now pending approval!

    V1.5 Addition of passenger train stations and other details where needed.

    V2.0 Extension through Cypress Flats

    V3.0 Extension through Port Of Los Santos Intermodal Terminal

    Bug Testing is now underway, with an expected release in a few weeks. Here are a few pics and a video to showcase what's in store upon release.

    A Local Freight starting its run in Mirror Park
    A Local Freight starting its run in Mirror Park

    2 Freights pass in La Mesa
    2 Freights pass in La Mesa

    Entering the Quarry Loop at Davis Junction
    Entering the Quarry Loop at Davis Junction

    Another Streak Service passing through Davis Junction, on its way back to Los Santos
    Another Streak Service passing through Davis Junction, on its way back to Los Santos

    A meet between 2 Streak Services at Davis Junction
    A meet between 2 Streak Services at Davis Junction

    Let me know your thoughts on this mod. It's nearing completion, but still a work in progress!

    Special Thanks to @Walter and Exoskeleton! Their improved train.dat files, amongst other things, have made this mod possible.

  • I think that it is a very wonderful mod!
    I am looking forward to the release

  • Looking pretty neat.
    Could you possibly include an actual top-down map of the train paths when you release this?

  • @Walter Excellent Idea. Might as well reveal the map ahead of the actual release. How's this look?

    1st Map Draft

    Station Locations are approximate, Especially on the Express Line. I've been having a bit of difficulty stopping trains travelling at higher speeds. Once that's resolved, it should be ready to go.

  • @Transitman Awesome.
    Also, try increasing the braking distance if you haven't already. It should be in traintracks.xml

  • @Walter Thanks! I was decreasing the value instead of increasing it. Now trains reliably stop where they need to. Release is now scheduled for the end of next week.

  • And it's now released! https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/2-trains-2-tracks-los-santos-local

    Please let me know of any bugs, or suggestions, to be incorporated into future versions.

    A few notes on release:

    • Trains may still float above the tracks at certain locations that I've missed. Please report the approximate location to me so that I can make the proper adjustments.

    • Traffic in the quarry ignores approaching trains. This is not fixable, but sure is fun to watch.

    • A small platform has been provided at Mirror Park Yard. This will be further fleshed out in the future into a larger station.

    • Next big update will install station structures where there currently is none.

  • Could you make the download instructions more clearer? It's very confusing, even for me.

  • @ChessieMerger For one, Transitman hasn't been active for 2 years. And 2, the download instructions are really straight foward, I'm not sure how you can make them any simpler than they already are

  • @ItsJustCurtis I know he's been dead for a while, still wanted to give a try anyway. However, I fixed it

  • Why not route the tram? Also, it only spawns 1 train and 1 tram

  • is nice, i like

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