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[MAPPING] Using hills/landscape as objects to place?

  • @meimeiriver well the next one will be a fresh new addon ( i don't wanna mix working ymap and optimised prop with old props) but it gonna take a lot of time before we got that much prop that we got with zmodeler ( we were around 1100 then the dlcpacks was corrupted cause more than 4gb xd)
    how ever , doing map will be easyer that ever ;D ( ijust hope we will not get too much issue xd)


    @Reacon said in [MAPPING] Using hills/landscape as objects to place?:

    @shephart terrain

    You were probably thinking of Second Life, where terrain is truly different (even in Second Life you can have 'faux' sculpted/mesh terrain, btw; but you can't use the terrain tools on them, of course).

    So, yeah, terrain in GTA V are objects; but kinda special too. For instance, the game won't allow you to auto-land, say, a heli, on certain types of terrain, like mountains (found that out the hard way, with Cryon's auto-navigator). Which reminds me: I still need to examine the flags of those hills, as I have a house near Mount Chiliad, with a helipad, I intend to land on automagically.

  • @Shaezbreizh i need your help again. i have tried now adding hills/landscape as object into both, menyoo and map editor and it doesnt spawn, it says incorrect model.

    this is the landscape i want:

    alt text

    in menyoo proplist, i have wrote the name but without .ydr in the end, so only cs6_09_land_01 like all the other objects

    in map editor, i have added it with the numbers that shows in the codewalker map viewer

    yet it doesnt work

  • @shephart you can use it by placing yourself in the region where this hill spawn when opening the proplist, but that terrain object doesn't have embed colision .
    Here the object is from CS6 region ( i think it's around the powerplant if i remember ), so you've to be in this region in order to get this object valid. but even valid it will not have colision

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