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GTA 3 Liberty City in GTA V

  • im searching for the FULL map of gta 3 for gta 5 like in this video:

    the only link i find has only portland from gta 3, but the people got the full map from somewhere but i cant find the full map

    i know its fivem, but anyone has the full gta 3 map ?

  • TakeTwo will rip off our whole scene if somebody will do this. So just not again. We already lost the Open IV IV to V converter

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman no i doubt it , because i will do a private port to addon without the use of fivem. but gtarandom ported IV liberty city, san andreas and vice city to fivem too without consequences.

    anyway, i think this map has been already released to the public somewhere but i cant find any link this is why im asking here maybe someone know something

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