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Can't replace the police interceptor

  • when i drop files for police 3 the basic model still spawns, and with the buffalo

  • @crunching
    There are multiple locations of the same vehicles. You have to replace the correct one which is usually the one located in the highest numbered patchday*ng.
    You can search for stuff in OpenIV by pressing Ctrl+F3 (or 'Tools' tab> 'Search')

    The 'police3' you need to replace is most likely the files located here:


    You may have other problems though as I have only one location for the 'buffalo':


    so you should have found the right one & replaced it correctly in which case more info (Scripthook installed? Using 'mods' folder? Previous replaces working? etc) & further investigation may be required.


    @a63nt-5m1th just place them in patchday18ng

  • @a63nt-5m1th I meant the police buffalo, but I got that to work. Thanks a lot

  • @crunching Nice one :thumbsup:

    @Reacon Yeah, that works too ( @crunching ie you can place whatever car you want to replace in the highest numbered patchday*ng folder you have & the game should always use it. I don't actually have 'patchday18ng', so I would put replace vehicles in 'patchday16ng' as it is the highest I have, as an example).

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