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Missions not working after new gameconfig install

  • missions don't seem to work after i installed a new game config so my game doesn't crash (i have like 10 add on vehicles and menyoo trainer) when i walk up to a mission, all the other missions on the map disappear and nothing happens. i have tried other game configs but none of them work. i know its the game config because i backed up my clean GTA V with the original config and everything worked fine, with like 2 add on vehicles. but i need another game config to add more vehicles, and as soon as i install a new config the same thing happens. cant access missions. everything else works fine, no crashes etc. its just the mission problem.
    any help and suggestions would be much appreciated :)
    sorry for bad english

    btw this video explains what kind of problem im dealing with



    This is a quote from an older gameconfig upload by @Willief23

    PoolName TxdStore
    PoolSize value="50500" lower it down to this value only if your storymode missions dont work correctly.

    So you could try and investigate the TxdStore poolsize?

    Compare the custom gameconfig.xml on the 5mods download pages against vanilla v1.43 version and see how far you can increase TxdStore over the vanilla Poolsize

  • Thanks for the suggestion @ReNNie unfortunately it didn't fix the issue, and i tried many different numbers :/

  • @Debilas123 You do know not to mod your game until AFTER you finish the story-line, right?

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