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[SCRIPT][RELEASED] Contextual Car Control

  • Contextual Car Control

    Contextual Car Control lets you perform several actions on your vehicle by using an all-new way of interacting with GTA V: a point-and-click menu that changes based on the current context (known as the Community Contextual Menu API). This means that you can perform these actions with extreme ease, without the need to remember a gajillion hotkeys.

    While Contextual Car Control is a mod in its own right, it is also a technology demonstrator for my new Community Contextual Menu API.

    Video showing many of the features:


    • Turn signals with smart auto-off & hazards
    • Lock & unlock your car remotely
    • Open & close doors, hood and trunk
    • Turn engine on & off
    • Switch seats
    • Interior lights on & off
    • Searchlight on & off
    • Roof up & down in convertibles
    • Enter as passenger
    • Automatically fasten/unfasten seatbelt at a certain speed
    • GTA IV style exit: press the exit key to leave the engine running, hold the exit key to turn the engine off upon exiting

    Community Contextual Menu API (included)
    Script Hook V (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v)
    Community Script Hook V .NET (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net)

    Take a look at the readme.txt file included in the zip. You may also watch the following video for a quick tutorial on how to use the menu.

    Known issues

    • GTA will consider that you are pointing at a vehicle when you point at the OUTSIDE of the vehicle. If you point at the windows or the inside of the vehicle, nothing will happen. This is a GTA V limitation.

    • Open/close door animations may occasionally get stuck for a few seconds.

    • If entering as the passenger takes too long, the character will warp into the passenger seat.

    • Trying to enter as a passenger from the driver side of the vehicle will have your character pull out the driver from the vehicle, enter the driver seat, and then switch seats. Good for a few laughs, but will hopefully be fixed in future versions.

    • After you turn the engine off using the "Engine OFF" option, you will hear the engine trying to ignite and your character will complain. This is a GTA V limitation.


  • A little video showing one of the features included in the new version: neon light management.

    It will allow you to turn neon lights on/off individually and change their color.

    The new version is finished; I'm just testing it out to make sure there are no bugs, and will release it soon.

  • Version 0.9 of CCC is now released, and it is packed with new features. The video below shows what's new in this update:

    • FEATURE: Cruise control (2 modes)
    • FEATURE: Neon lights management
    • FEATURE: Roll individual windows up/down
    • FEATURE: Added animation for lock/unlock
    • FEATURE: Locking a car will make it persistent; it should not disappear.
    • FEATURE: Turn indicators / hazards now have sound

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