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[SCRIPT] Some sort of (load/save) persistence mod

  • My game is full of mods, so it crashes a lot.
    I make a lot of cinematics and for that i always play as a specific character with a specific voice and walk style, and a customised car. (saved in the simple native trainer)
    When the game crashes i need to start up the game, select the character, the voice, the walk style. And spawn the specific car that i used and then teleport to the location i last was. It takes a lot of time before i can play/record again.

    Is there a mod that can save the location, player model, bodyguard and car so that i can reload the whole scenario i was in without effort everytime it crashes?

  • @poepsnol38 What about Menyoo?

  • @car-mod-fan said in [SCRIPT] Some sort of (load/save) persistence mod:

    @poepsnol38 What about Menyoo?

    This is the answer.

    Menyoo is your knight in shining armour... till it goes obsolete again, but this is where you grow patience for a new update.

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