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The Epic music clip that plays at pivotal moments thread.

  • We need a mod that plays a soundbyte when something epic happens. We inadvertently crash into something - sound clip plays, drop down to our demise over a cliff - sound clip plays. It would be a mod that includes a "sound" folder in our scripts folder, and us users decide and put into it what we want to play when said pivotal moment is happening.

    I will start with this -

    Michael catches Amanda cheating in his bed - he opens up the bedroom door, and the song "how long" by Ace starts playing!

    Ok guys, let the ideas start flowing!

  • @eshenk How about when you do either like a on-foot stunt or a vehicle stunt. If you finish the stunt successfully, you get a few variations of an awesome ass tune!

    I'll try and make an example here at some point.

  • @krashadam You get the idea here - I was using examples to get something going here. Think of Quake III, remember? Frag, Excellent, etc, LOL...like that!

  • @eshenk I actually haven't played Quake 3 but I heard it's good, I know 2 games that run on the Quake engine, though.

  • @krashadam You might be younger than me. Quake III/Arena was where I started getting into PC gaming/modding. 1999 it was. I was 28 then not yet 29. Anyhow, you said "this place is a fawking desert" five months ago, and you were right then. This site needs new ideas, it needs new life, it needs a jump, it needs krashadam to lift this group up!

  • @eshenk Trust me. If I knew how to mod GTA5 I'd already be doing this. I guess charismatically I still could, but actions speak louder than words.

    I actually had something in mind long ago, something I used to do a LOT. It wasn't GTA5 related but it still got me started somewhere in modding, perhaps I'll make another thread about this sometime.

  • @krashadam You would be surprised with results you can achieve my mixing and matching. I will try to do a tutorial on this later - there are many mods out there, were we can take some from some, and mix with the others.

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