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help with livery mods for addon cars

  • I just started modding GTAV and I got the Lancer Evo X (addon version) working last night. I'm trying to install a livery for the same model and I've tried watching other tutorials but they don't really explain too in-depth as to how you can do it besides plopping it into the .ytd directory of the kuruma (that's the tutorial for the replacer version). Does anyone know what to do with the addon version?


    @Asn_Neon it could possibly be the same way as the replace version. what is the name of the livery file?

  • @Reacon its the miku x luka itasha livery for the mitsubishi evo x


    @Asn_Neon in the ytd you will likely see some livery files named ****_sign1, ****_sign2 or something like that.

    What type need to do is:

    1. enable editing in OpenIV
    2. open the YTD file
    3. Locate the "sign" that you want to replace or overwrite, double click it to open it
    4. In the top right-hand corner you will see replace as an option... Click it and then select the image that you want to use
    5. Click save

    In game use a trainer to swap liveries and it should be there.

  • Thanks so much! I finally got it working. Turns out I was looking into the wrong directory. I should've been looking at the addon folder for the actual car itself (and not the replacement directory) and then that's where I found the ****_sign1 file.

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