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2k Urban Grass Mod

  • Made a lot of progress today, and am thinking I will have this ready for tomorrow. This will add four different grass textures, and rendered in 2k so it will really look sharp even when looking at it on your knees, LOL. There is a caveat though - because of the volume of textures, I will be doing this city-by-city, starting with Rockford Hills. Every forthcoming update thereafter will tackle another area, and will be this way until every stinking, ugly AF, grass texture has been replaced.


    @eshenk WELCOME BACK!!!

  • @Biggdogg Thanks my nig, my homie, muh bredduh, my bruh, bruv, LOL. But, my play-through tonight was very frustrating. I replaced all grass textures for bh1_01 through bh1_29, and could find NONE of them in-game. There is also another problem, and that is the median strips. When I look at that grass texture in-game, it looks different than any other grass texture I have ever seen, and have never been able to find it using OpenIV. SIGH I took some screenshots. When I wake up later Today, I will post those screenshots here, and make a call for the community to help me. I tried this a year ago, and gave up, because I could never find the textures I was replacing - I am really feeling so defeated right now. On a side note, I did notice that my ped densities have definitely ramped up considerably - I am going to share here a video of my traffic overhaul, with slow-motion, gorev, dismemberment, and mele-riot mod in action. You will not believe what you will see - the chaos will literally blow you away, LOL.

  • @eshenk said in 2k Urban Grass Mod:

    My play-through tonight was very frustrating. I replaced all grass textures for bh1_01 through bh1_29, and could find NONE of them in-game.

    Reminds me of when I add new props to Menyoo and then Menyoo never fuckin' detects 'em.

  • Ok, I spent all day investigating why I can never found my textures in-game. What I have found is that either NONE/ or a tiny amount are being rendered in-game, and where ever they are is anyone's guess. Using codewalker, I selected an area on the map, where I was certain I should see my texture and was horrified to find it uses a grass texture in Sunset. I hate you R* Why would you store a texture in an entirely different part of town than where the texture should be applied?!? So does this mean now that all Beverly Hills grass textures will be used in Sunset? For some reason they intentionally spread textures throughout all the archives, and there seems to be no pattern that I could find to explain the logic, but so far this is what I am seeing. This of course will dramatically slow down my efforts, and could demotivate me to do this at all, if I don't find a less cumbersome way in dealing with this. It reminds me now why @zombieguy made the texture replacer, and made the comment that ALL grass textures must be replaced in order to see them in-game. F U R*, LOL.

  • Making fantastic progress! I have almost all of Rockford Hills done, with the exception of lawns at residences - those are stored differently, but I will be looking into that.


    pr00f 0r it didn't happen!

    ... hope you make some before and after screenshots of the same areas

    and on the R* logic, yeah replacing textures is even more fubbared then it was in IV-era

  • @ReNNie Well, there is a new twist. I saw one of my textures load up in codewalker. But....the color was too yellow - because of the sun presumably, but it makes it look ugly. So I will bring down the saturation a bit, and apply some darkness. Also, I went to places where I was finding that my textures were clearly not loading in. WTF?!? How is this possible, I was thinking. I also found some more textures that needed attention, so I modified those as well. Here is where it gets interesting - codewalker is now crashing when I try to load my mods folder. Now thinking about it, the textures are bumped up from 512 to 2k, and some also have bump and specular maps. Could codewalker not be able to handle the additional load? I tried bumping up the texture dictionary in gameconfig to 55, but still crashes while loading all the assets. Tonight, I will be taking screenshots in-game, and see if my mod is ready for release.

  • Well it seems you can't make grass textures for R* games - the game engine will not render them properly. I don't know why, but the results of my testing show that this will not be possible unfortunately.

    Texture I made -


    What I see in-game, WTF?!?


  • @eshenk Doesn't look that bad. I mean I can't really it see it, maybe it does look like shit. Is there a way the grass renders or is it done by specular/normal maps?

  • @krashadam It looks like sh*t. I don't know how this is even happening. I guess I will fire up codewalker to look for clues. But this same nasty effect also happened with the grass texture made by the realism team - surprised they didn't notice it....or maybe they did, and threw their hands up, LOL. Very strange, when you see this in-game.

  • It is times like these, I wish we still had our village elder in LeeC202. Damn I miss that guy, LOL.

  • @eshenk it's a fur grass material, nothing close from a simple basic grass texture, it use a lot of parameter to give it relief etc.
    i don't recomend you to edit it except if you can also do the other texture needed and set parameter to suit your texture ( i think that must be the height parameter wich isn't suiting your texture but never used this material yet so not sure)
    it also have a really really short loading distance so idk if that worth it to waste your time on it

  • @Shaezbreizh Well, that gives me a start on where to look for clues at least. Codewalker gives a lot of info on archetypes when you point at something. What's funny is that codewalker correctly displays my texture, but the game-engine butchers it, LOL.

  • @eshenk that probably cause codewalker is optimised and don't necessary load every parameter
    you can still go on discord and ask kahn how fur is build ( he used this material on one of his map)

  • @Shaezbreizh The texture in question is not fur though - just a regular diffuse texture.

  • @eshenk can you give path ? cause it really look like a fur material from your screenshot

  • @Shaezbreizh Yes, one moment please.

  • @eshenk i guess it must be bh1 median isn't ?

  • @Shaezbreizh YES!!!!!!! WOw, it's in bh1_rd

  • @eshenk yeah the texture maybe but the object ?

  • @Shaezbreizh I can't recall from memory. I will reply back later with the name. I can tell you that the object .ydr does not have textures embedded.

    Edit: One such object is bh1_rd2_portola_subwaybits which is really strange because it has no grass texture, but there are definitely spots on this object that certainly do have grassy areas on it.

  • @eshenk so grass in metro stairs are you sure xd ?

  • @Shaezbreizh I am sure. If you go to that location in codewalker, you will see what I mean. It is somehow using the same grass textures as the bh1_rd2_medians. Also another area that butchered my texture is bh1_49b_park_fur3

  • @Shaezbreizh here is a pic of the location I was talking about -


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