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Gta Modding offline - Help please!

  • Hi everyone!
    I'm a GTAV fan long time ago. I only have one desktop computer for working and I can't connect it to the net. I have just bought a good graphic card and Finally I have installed GTA V. I can play in ultra settings but I can't install Photorealistic gta mod. Requires VisualV and I can install ASI Manager with offline Open IV version, the offline installer fails! Anybody knows anything about this?Thank you in advance

  • @Alkaid33 The file may be corrupted. And are you sure you really cannot connect to internet? Or use mobile data? OpenIV isn't a large program.

  • @Alkaid33 The OpenIV offline installer actually requires that you run the online installer and choose "Download the installation for use on another computer".

    The full offline installer is about 15MB, is that definitely the installer you are using?

  • My offline OpenIV version works until you press ASI Manager. In that moment I think the program try to connect to get the info about VisualV, Open Camera, and latest releases for install, then fails. May be out there an offline version with these other contents, but I don´t know how to find it...

  • @Alkaid33 I'll check it out later but I'll need to switch into my other OS which I can do this afternoon. I'll post back with what I find.

  • @Alkaid33 So I've just checked the OpenIV 2.8 installer, I already had the ScriptHookV files in my GTAV folder but I had removed the OpenIV.asi file just to be sure. My Windows 10 OS is almost always offline, so it was the same situation you have, with no internet access.

    The installation completed and then I ran OpenIV. Went through the initial find your directory process etc... then when OpenIV loaded, I went to Tools > ASI Manager. That opened up the dialog box that showed the ASI Manager in green and then I just clicked the Install OpenIV.asi option, that went green and all was working.

  • @LeeC2202 @LeeC2202 , are you so kind to upload your offline OpenV installer and send me a link?

  • @Alkaid33 So how can you post to the site if you don't have an internet connection? Like I said before, it's not a large program, you can easily download it to your phone and copy the setup to your PC.

  • @Akila_Reigns You can't download the offline installer to a phone, or any device, because the online installer has to download it... and therein lies the stupidity of web-installers.

  • @LeeC2202 I know that, but he can download using USB Tethering.

  • @Akila_Reigns, I am posting this from a Macbook. I play in a Pc that is far from any WIFI or LAN point.

  • @Alkaid33 OK man. Download as soon as you get back to where your PC is!

  • I have tested a new installer but still the same: when I OpenIV and press Tools\ASI Manager\ shows a blank window message: CreateDevice() - Failed. When I press OK in that message, it's shown another one: ":CFramework Initialize faild". May be there is no way to do an offline installation of Visual V and the others...Thank you for your support and advices

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