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GOD OF MODZZZ must be banned from accessing GTA5-mods completely.

  • I don't know what to do with this idiot anymore. He must be completely banned from accessing GTA5-mods.com with an IP ban.

    Offences he did:

    • Stealing mods
    • Sockpuppetry (creating another account after being banned), up to 6 times
    • Mod spammer. We would be proud if it were great/exciting mods like YCA's mods, but his were just bullsh * t, bullsh * t and another bullsh * t.
    • Neglect of site rules

    Do something with this ASAP please!
    @krashadam @Global-Moderators @Jitnaught @Unknown Modder @ReNNie @rappo


    stop tagging the entire staff, just use global

    IP banning is not something we resort to that quickly as it would also lock out other IP's in that range afaik as I understood

    Besides, what was wrong with this thread that was already on the same topic? Please continue in there.



    @Jonathan6506 BTW, rappo is no longer an admin. Tagging him is of no use.

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