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[VEHICLE][WIP] 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33)

  • 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R

    So.. I'm kinda new to this entire scene. I was a NFS modder that decided to take up GTA V modding for a change. I must say, the environment feels completely different. I decided to do a stock LHD R33, assuming that no one has done one yet.

    Here's the car as of now after a few days of experimenting.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Base is from Driver San Francisco, with Forza Parts added.

    So things to do:
    License Plates
    Rear Windshield

    Things I would love some help with:
    Steering Wheel Size and Driver's Hands (I'm not satisfied with what I did)
    Holes/Non-modeled Parts (I got lucky with the doorsills but I have no idea on how to patch up the others)
    Light Dummies (I got the exhaust and other dummies working, but I can't find these dummies)

    Again, some help would be appreciated :) I tried keeping the file size as low as I can whilst maintaining quality.

  • Light dummies you can create yourself, to make the lights work you need to give the mesh the proper ID in vertex mode. I suggest to follow the tutorials by Oleg, creator of Zmod:

    Last 2 vids of first topic

  • Thanks! Will look into it. Skyline only has a couple of things to do and it should be done. Probably going to keep it a personal mod as I so no need into uploading it.

    Since I'm a fast learner, I managed to make a proper Tesla Roadster with a base Forza mesh, edited to fit the Most Wanted 2012's Roadster 2.5 Sport version's parts and looks to replace the Voltic. :) Progress is around 60%

    alt text

    (should I just rename this thread or create a new one? i'm new here lol)

  • Your R33 is keep private. But the Tesla will you release it?

  • Rename the thread to *your* workshop I believe


    Welcome to the community, hope you'll enjoy showcasing your skills and treat us to a variety of quality mods

    Looking forward to wrecking your cars in a Hollywood Rollover ;)

    Head on over to our Discord if you need assistance or trash talk

  • I really hope the car will have a livery template. Looks nice.

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