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[VEHICLE] [SOUND] [WIP] DRIV3R/Driver Parallel Lines Door Opening and Engine Startup sound

  • I finally found a lot of the vehicle based sounds as well as others (for like picking up cash and shit) which I'm going to change around soon.

    In the meantime I made some changes to vehicle sounds, which at the moment, are only applied to the 9F and the 9F cabriolet.

    Here's a video demonstrating the 2 sounds (you can faintly hear the engine which I'm working fixing the volume for.)

    You also get a sneak peek at my ReShade settings (which I'm still working on trying to make look better but since ENB is not good friends with ReShade for whatever fucking reason, let me know if you have a fix. DM me on the matter.

    EDIT: There's also a part where I spawn an Altezza, that's just me testing to see if it actually applied to more than just the 9F, which it obviously didn't and that's what I'm planning is to have the sound and the motor start up apply to more than one car, specifically most sedans, and coupes.

    (download link removed)

    UPDATE 1: The sounds for the Stanier has been found and I've also considered adding the door closing sound from the same game as well. ~Krashadam

    UPDATE 2: Tested some DRIV3R/Parallel Lines related sounds and all the game's sounds came up silent. Obviously the Hz isn't correct so I'm going to fix this NOW. ~Krashadam

    UPDATE 3: Still getting silence. FUCK! ~Krashadam

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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    @krashadam why are you bumping this?

  • @ReNNie Thought people might take interest. Guess not, people seem to like a poor quality, pale as fuck Vin Diesel instead.


    I hate Vin Diesel

    More of Rock kinda guy, DJ is a-ok

    Love(d) the driv3r sound mod in IV

  • Work is being continued. Just fixing the volume for the motor startup then I'm going to try and apply it to other vehicles, first figuring out which vehicle each sound belongs to...

  • Good thing, original door sound is kinda boring if used too long

  • @P677112 I'm also putting some work into the startup sound and since I finally figured out the sounds for the Stanier I can get moving with work again.(they're strangely associated with cop cars. I can see why, the Stanier was a former cop car used by the LCPD in GTAIV)

  • Ok, testing now... I also added a new sound to replace the cash pickup sound but I'm pretty sure it's going to apply to health pickups as well. That will get it's own thread if it works.

  • @skelepap Nice. I actually threw in the sound for the doors closing and I raised the volume of the engine startup, and now both sounds apply to the Stanier (presumably) but sound editing is a picky procedure, when something isn't the right Hz the game has a freak fit and it'll just make the sounds.awc file that was altered literally silent.

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