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[HELP][LUA] Disable extra parts from vehicle

  • Hi. I’m trying to disable one of the extras from addon vehicle. The extra name is “extra_3” so I added this line to __resource.lua file:

    • void SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, extra_3, 1);

    Idk if that’s correct structure but I’ve tried many combinations like:

    • void SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, extra_3, 1);
    • SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, 3, 1);
    • void SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, 3, 1)
    • SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, 3, 1)
    • SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, extra_3, 1);
    • void SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, extra_3, 1)
    • SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, extra_3, 1)

    Server is crashing or vehicle is not spawning if I use one of this commands.
    Please help :P


    LUA? Server? You might have some more luck on the FiveM forums ;)

  • @ikt Posted here, because nobody give a damn about my problem. I gave up there 😫


    The native is void SET_VEHICLE_EXTRA(Vehicle vehicle, int extraId, BOOL toggle) and the FiveM native probably also looks like that.

    Doing SetVehicleExtra(vehicle, 3, false); or something on a vehicle instance should work fine.

    Do you know how to program/script?

    First you spawn the vehicle. Then you disable the extra. __resource.lua does not sound like a scripting thing.

  • @ikt So I can't toggle off extra parts by lua? I don't want to use trainers/commands to disable extras, because I have Roleplay server. If resource doesn't like scripting, where I should put that line?


    You can run some server-sided scripts to keep track of the vehicles and stuff. I don't know the specifics as I don't FiveM.

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