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  • I know that there are some war mods out there but I was wondering if there is a way that someone can make a war mod that both sides utilize both ground and air units like ground to ground combat with tanks vs tanks and apc vs apc and air to air combat as well as air to ground support I mean that would be cool to see I tried the red dawn mod pretty good mod just the only issue as I see it non of the sides use the ground and air units correctly but never the less its a good mod just needs improvement anyways back to what I was saying just want to see a better war mod that can use both air and ground units the right way let me know what you all think.

  • any suggestions or any Ideas that this will make it come to life?

  • I just thought of something like lets say two major sides one side is the occupying force doesn't matter which side either the whole city or the whole county side I.E. mountain side the other side will have to liberate that side to make it whole again and both sides must occupy the entire city or county before the war starts and both sides must use all ground and air units correctly and the way it supposed to be used air to air combat to armored warfare to ground troops warfare one side will be united states and the other side be who ever.

  • Is a nice idea but unfortunatelly, can't be well done in GTA V because is a high impact in system resources to handle a big NPC group as infantry, military vehicles in air and ground. You can see this issue in mods like gang wars, because each unit needs a search and destroy AI and GTA V is focused on non-interactive tasks between peds. 10 or 15 units per army can work well, more of that greatly affects the game performance.

  • @MetaGTA well it was a great idea I wish R* would come out with a WAR DLC type deal where that would be possible but who knows lol maybe some day it will happen

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