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(Help) How to safely install and uninstall mods on GTA Without getting banned?

  • Recently a lot of people have been getting banned from PC for using singleplayer mods. I'm wondering how could I start installing and uninstalling mods safely without running into their detection of singleplayer mods? Im new to modding and kinda just want to make some Rockstar Editor films but these bans have been scaring me away from downloading any. Also I tried recently to download ScriptHook just to see what happens and load GTA offline but that doesn't seem to work. I get a error saying I need to be online, yes I did use the steam launch command btw.

  • Wait, what the fuck? How do you get banned for singleplayer modding?

    That's just going to kill Rockstar's chance of making money, isn't it?


    Nobody gets banned for using SP mods. Anyone who claims that is lying.

  • @krashadam @Unknown-Modder I didn't get banned but from the recent ban wave from a week ago has been mostly reported to be caused from singleplayer mods. I was just asking if its safe to be playing around with mods because I was really confused on what was actually going on. I did try starting my game with just ScriptHook but I wanted to login social club offline, the offline command hasn't been working so I was a bit scared to try playing online until I got a confirmation from here telling me its 100% safe. Bans aren't revoked so it scared me to launching in with social club online.

  • @Unknown Modder @Runis Well obviously whoever claimed to be banned obviously went online with them. Unless you're modding GTAO you should pose no threat to Take-Two's cash cow, so stay in single player.

    Also don't upload Snapmatic/Rockstar Editor videos where you've used mods to the Social Club, this is probably what they're reacting to. Literally the entire Social Club community is doing this and it's honestly what's probably starting the bans.

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