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Love the new format

  • **well done the new format is 10 out of 10, exactly how it should be well done **

  • Love the new Format As well :) @rappo

    Mobile Phone ( cell phone) Site looks Awesome!!
    alt text

    and i love the Desktop version As well :) Nice Job.

  • This is what I'm talking about! @FoxtrotDelta You might wanna charge your phone, LOL 😀

  • @Akila_Reigns yea its on charging right now. :)

  • Yeah good job @rappo :)

  • @rappo

    Menu looks a little weird on my tab though. But I don't use it often, so not a problem for me. 😃☺

  • It does indeed look pretty damn good.

    Good job, @rappo!

  • My only dislike is the forums button moving off the top bar. It means having to make sure you're at the top of the page, to access part of the site that isn't really connected to the page you're on... i.e. it's not a "mods" section but it is now bundled with the mods sections.

    If the top section was locked in place, it wouldn't be too bad, because all the navigation options would then be always there. But maybe that's because I now spend more time in the forums than I do in the mods section of the site... but when I am in the forums, the link to the forums is locked in the top bar, which seems odd.

  • yea forums button was good at the top bar! @rappo

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! I've re-added the forums button and adjusted the navigation menu font sizes to be larger on mobile/tablet whenever the language you're browsing in allows for it (i.e. the category names are not too long).

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