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Modifying Loading Music Problem

  • I have a td_loading_music folder modified with my new .wav file inside, how I convert the folder into a .awc?

  • @R3dSt0rm Jus do this bro

    Start OpenIv and make sure Edit mode is on
    Navigate to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64\audio\sfx\PROLOGUE.rpf
    Right click in blank area and choose ImportOpenFormats
    Navigate to the extracted folder (should be a td_loading_music folder with 2 wav files in and a td_loading_music.oac file) and select the td_loading_music.oac file
    click on open
    Job done

    Make sure you have 2 audio files named the same as the vanilla files, and they are in WAV PCM mono 16bit format (use audacity or EZ-CD convertor)

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