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Anyone can recommend a way to record video game footage?

  • Bandicam stopped recording sound, so I uninstalled it. I tried three other's - two would not record sound, and one would not even record video or sound. I have new stuff I want to show the community. Any suggestions?


    Windows 10 has Xbox DVR which can record your current program/game. It's how I record all my stuff because I'm lazy. If you have an Xbox controller, holding the huge X will pop up a bar with recording (and other) buttons. If you're stuck to a keyboard, Press Win+G. Mixed results with fullscreen games, so either run windowed mode or borderless windowed. Or pray to the devs. Output files are in This PC\Videos\Captures.

    AMD and Nvidia have their own recording stuff in the drivers. Useful if you're running pre-Windows 10 for some reason.

    For AMD you need to go into Radeon Settings and enable ReLive. Buncha options to record are there too. Output files are This PC\Videos\Radeon ReLive for me.

    For Nvidia you need to find out yourself because I don't have an Nvidia GPU. Last I heard was "ShadowPlay" so look for that.

    If you're using an integrated GPU, you shouldn't be recording lmao. Still, standalone programs:

    Dunno about other alternatives as they tend to not record games effectively.

    There's Bebo and Xsplit but these are more integrated with streaming stuff than just recording.


    1. Windows 10
    2. Driver
    3. OBS

  • I recommend Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Open-source, cross-platform, works great for recording and streaming, no bloat, no advertisements, and no trial/payment required. Very customizable to get it exactly how you want it.

    If you have a NVidia GPU you can set the encoder to NVENC, which is GPU accelerated. It's what NVidia GeForce Experience also uses, which is why that program gets such good performance.



    In random order, overview and choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • @eshenk i sually press alt+z

    the nvidia geforce expereience records game like its nothing. i never notice it while ir records. no load on system etc.

    if you have nvidia card. geforce experience shadow play or alt+z is best.


    @eshenk If you have an Nvidia Graphics Card and the Nvidia GeForce Experience software, just use the "ShadowPlay" or also known as "Share" function.

    When in-game, you'll only have to do Ctrl + Z and select the option to start recording.
    To stop recording, just use Ctrl + Z again and select the option to stop it.

    If you're interested on knowning how to use it better, search in Google by the name and you'll have useful information available.

  • @Reyser @eshenk Also if you're using AMD Radeon like I am you get AMD Radeon: ReLive, which lets you record your gameplay. I actually used it here in this thread to show off a sound mod I'm working on:


    However I take it Eshenk isn't an AMD user so my last suggestion is OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software as it's known. I hear a lot of YouTubers use this for recording gameplay videos so this is probably the way to go.


    Keep it mind it's going to require a bunch of other bullshit requirements so... you have been warned. :D

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