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Franklin's House Poster texture new location ?

  • Anyone know new location of posters/pictures texture in Frankin house ? old location as i know is (\Grand Theft Auto V\x64h.rpf\levels\gta5\interiors\v_int_24.rpf\v_24_txd.ytd)

  • @Pein1911

    This may help (as long as the textures you are looking for are in 'v_24_txd.ytd' somewhere).

    In OpenIV you can search by pressing Ctrl+F3 (also 'Tools' Tab > 'Search').

    Enter 'v_24_txd.ytd', & press [Search] & it will list all locations of that file.

    Note: Below the search box there is a dropdown box to choose the search area ('everywhere', 'game folder' or 'mods folder').

    Hope it helps :thumbsup:

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