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Need help to make mods work, been away for 10 months

  • Hi guys

    After the issue with OpenIV last year I dropped out, now Im back and my game dont work with the mods I used then. I have updated all mods but I guess some of the files I used from the game to add mods to have changed.

    I used mod folder with OpenIV and did not change any original files, but I guess some files have changed in the last 10 months, so I probably need to update some files in mod folder.
    Im not sure what files that have changed or how to find it out, or where to start. Would be great if someone could be so cool to give me some tips where to start.

    Have fun :)

  • @xxx78 start off with a gameconfig file, dilapidated’s is the best out there just search for it on 5mods

  • Thanks for replying Reacon
    After thinking more about this I think I need to start all over and modify from scratch again. I will check out gameconfig file from dilapidated later.

  • @xxx78 no worries

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