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Texture problem

  • Okay so i have a problem.
    My specs
    i7600k OC to 4.6ghz
    32gbs of ram
    Installed on SSD

    I only have the GTA redux mod, care replacer mod (

    ) and the standard mods like script hook and such installed.
    Im experience texture popping issues, ive tried setting my priority to high and disabling hyperthreading but non of that is helping. Any other fixes?

    My specs are pretty high and im getting 50 average fps, im thinking it might be the texture from the roads done by the GTA redux but i wont know how to fix that without removing the redux.

  • @Datboi302 said in Texture problem:

    I only have the GTA redux mod

    Uninstall it, and download the real graphics mods that were used without credit in Redux.

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