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Game crash and disappearing mission marker.

  • Initially my problem was a jewelry heist mission:
    I chose the smart method, and after stealing the gas van stealthily all mission markers have disappeared. According to WIKI stealing the van should bring up a drop-off point, but nothing. I tried twice now, saving, loading, nothing. The van's in my garage and I can't switch charachters or see any mission markers now.

    In a video I saw the drop off is a tunnel close to Lester - dropped it in right location. Nothing happens :/

    And right before I came to submit this, the game also crashed for the first time. Halp.

    Logs (gamever. 1.41)
    ASI Loader
    Script Hook

    Mods recently installed:
    NaturalVision Remastered
    World of Variety (Light version, supposed to be story mode-friendly)
    Fine-tuned Felony & Response
    Safe Cracker

    Mods I've done several mission with successfully:
    LA billboards (supposed to show new banner ads/graffitti, but said content never appears in-game, despite no errors)

    My dlclist in the mods folder:

    On a sidenote, what would happen if I were to delete some mods and load up my save? would it work or is my world gonna corrupt? I do have a savefile for non-modded game, but it's at 8% and im 14% 0.0


    @sinsinz you're not supposed to mod until you've completed the story as mods can interfere with missions. you can download many 100% saves from the website including my profile


    @sinsinz also, you seem to be missing a hell of a lot of folders in your dlcpacks, some of the patchdays etc you don't have might have content from the missions

  • @Reacon said in Game crash and disappearing mission marker.:

    @sinsinz also, you seem to be missing a hell of a lot of folders in your dlcpacks, some of the patchdays etc you don't have might have content from the missions

    @Reacon What? That's disturbing AF. I'll probably move on to another game before I complete all missions if I know myself right... ;(

    Yeah I was just looking through some openiv tutorials and I noticed that SOME of them say you should copy folders into mods before you start modding, while others are like create mod folder gogo. Does this mean I've been playing without a bunch of my DLC's this whole time?


    @sinsinz yeah, you're supposed to copy the entire update folder from your directory into the mods folder, which will include all the dlc folders

  • @Reacon So what happens now? I can create a new mod folder with 30+GB of prerequisite files and restart the modding process, but how will that affect my save when I load it? In Skyrim such a thing would result in missing files corruption.

    PS: fuck this 10 min cooldown for new users. Get some spambots, mods.

    EDIT: but Skyrim may have been modding directly into original files though. IDK.


    @sinsinz nah, just copy the folders you're missing from the unedited dlcpacks folder and it shouldn't affect your mods.

    also, i upvoted you so you won't get the cooldown anymore

  • @Reacon :) ty for the help.


    @sinsinz let me know how you get on

  • @Reacon All is looking good now! Missions markers are working.
    The Billboards app is still not working though, but that's not important.


    @sinsinz i don't know about the billboards one as i don't use it but glad missions are working!

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