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    @fanimal10 ymaps load automatically

  • @fanimal10 said in YMAP:

    how would one load ymaps from a dlc in game

    Typically, those ymaps are preloaded. Some ymaps are loaded on-demand, though. Search OpenIV for 'milo'. I examined several examples (like apa_ch2_05c_interior_v_franklinshouse_milo_.ymap, for instance). I created a CMloArchetypeDef section inside a ytyp, then had a CMloInstanceDef inside a ymap to instantiate the actual ymap. Thing is, works like a charm in CodeWalker, but the game itself crashes on it (with the usual hostile 'we do not log any error at all' attitude). Probably because most of these on-demand-load ymaps come with an annoying, chained parent structure.

    Tl;dr: I'll give it another go this weekend or so. :)

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