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[SCRIPT] Goon Pursuit idea

  • I was wondering if it was possible for someone to make a mod that could give generic enemy types like Ballas or Mafia the same AI of the police in terms of how they chase the player, set up roadblocks, call in for more support or a helicopter.

    It would be cool if you could modify their vehicles, weapons, and looks, so if you wanted to change them to mercz or some secret organization you can. I know that Simple Trainer has the attacking ped's but all they do is chase behind you. They don't set up road blocks and pursue you the same like how gang/police types in GTA V online would do.

    A mod like this I think it would be easier to setup chase scenes in movies if individuals wanted to make chase scenes that don't involve the police. It could also create some fun immersive moments if you wanted to shoot up some gangs and have them chase you through the city.

  • Why are we not funding this? ~Peter Griffin

    No, but seriously, this seems like a fantastic idea. I hope someone sees this.

  • Banned

    Great idea!

    It also should have a config file that you can edit so you can have your version of peds chase you!

    To it is hard to script but hey, Gta sa has a mod called: Wanted Level Editor, so GTA V maybe can have Ped Reinforcements? And they spawn the same way as cops and sometimes if you killed all the peds and depends if the organization has give wanted level when killed enabled, so if you killed all the peds, they will retreat and police will come. and you get a wanted star(s).

    Like my idea?

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