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Question about the handling flags introduced in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update?

  • Hello there. In there newest update, new handling flags were introduced. Now I heard that these new handling flags were making cars like the Entity XXR, Cheval Taipan, and the Vapid Ellie really slow. If someone were to remove or disable these handling flags, will the performance of these cars improve greatly, only a little, or not at all?

  • I haven’t messed with any of the flags, but you can certainly increase the speed without flags.

    The newest update introduced a new Downforce parameter, making it much easier to create a FAST, good handling vehicle.

    Set the Drag Coefficient to something like 3.0 for supercars or 4.0+ for sports cars. This is how fast the vehicle accelerates, and if it’s capable of reaching max speeds.

    The Tezeract has the line you can add to any car:
    something like DownforceMult = 200.00

    The downforce mult is interesting, it effects cars very differently... exaggerates the vehicles handling. The faster you go, the more you’ll need. This value doesn’t effect top speed like real life. You can just keep adding with no additional drag, unless you add to drag value.

    DownforceMult= 200.00+ is racecar level downforce, 100 for sports cars, 25-40 for muscle cars. You just have to play with it.

    Super Bikes are different, they don’t need downforce, they have mechanical grip (to a point) so just lower drag to 3.5 - 4.0

    Also, don’t forget MaxFlatVel needs to be changed, this is the vehicles theoretical top speed in KPH. This is never exact, only an estimate and some cars may never reach this, while others may go faster. (ie: Entity set to 262 mph, but I’ve gone 277 in game; Sentinal set to 140mph, only goes 133 in game)

    I’m on my phone, so no actual files to reference right now.


    MaxFlatVel does matter and is a hard limit. If R* actually made a rev limiter for the top gear, it'd plain stop accelerating right there.

  • @ikt I had to double check my numbers to make sure I didn’t do anything weird... Yes you are correct, I had changed the value to 444 and forgot to revert, which explains its ungodly speed of over 262 mph

    @bloodykills Try something like this, it’s what I’ve come up with.. you should get scootin real nice lol

    Drag: 2.400
    DownforceMult: 200.00
    DriveForce: 0.5150
    DriveInertia: 1.2000
    MaxFlatVel: 422
    Everything else is Vanilla

    (Optional Traction Control)
    Basic TC - LowSpeedTractionLoss: 1.000
    Med TC - LowSpeedTractionLoss: 1.100
    Low TC - LowSpeedTractionLoss: 1.200
    TC OFF - LowSpeedTractionLoss: 1.350

    BATI 801
    Drag: 4.000
    DriveForce: 0.4640
    DriveInertia: 1.3000
    MaxFlatVel: 360
    Everything else is Vanilla

    I should prob improve braking bc you cover a LOT of ground at those speeds.

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