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  • HEY,ive try to install sweetfx and reshade...and how comtuble?game crash-_-
    now ive delet both sweetfx and reshade but...when ive run gta v,reshade looks still exsiest..so what i do for my gta will work???\

  • @Gtavgamer

    okay here is what you should do.
    Delete Folder named enbseries from Root directory of GTA 5.
    Delete Folder named ReShade from Root directory of GTA 5
    and delete following files from the Root directory of GTA 5, files to be deleted are:

    and last file to be delted is ReShade64.dll
    once you have deleted all of these files and 2 folders. you can run the game. it should be clean.

  • hey,ive try to do this...and still crash and reshade showing in the game,and crash...ive aiready dont no what to do:(

  • @Gtavgamer it is because you are missing some files. the list i gave you . about the folders delete those folders. and after deleting the folders, delete each file. one by one. and double check if the file names i told you still remain in the gta v directory. this should solve the problem. otherwise you are on your own. try it one by one. follow the list please. if you really want your game to work.

  • now its just show its open gta v and just go out with no massage nothing...

  • @Gtavgamer hmm. it means reshade and enb are not causing the crash. it must be the last mod you downloaded. please have a look at your downloads folder. and see what was the recent last mod you installed for gta v. and try and remove that mod.

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