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Replacement License Plates not working. [vehshare.ytd]

  • Along with the standard GTA V plates, I used this add on plates mod :
    This mod works fine, however when I attempt to use replacement mods from these mods:
    They don't work. I am wondering why, can anyone help? Some of the plates don't come with purple "_n" version, which I think may be the problem. However The Add On Plates mod has blank "_n" versions (that are actually blank, not a purple version of the plate) so I doubled them up to use them as the blank NFS & Breaking Bad plates... but they still won't work.

    I am trying to replace some as the standard GTA V plates which say "San Andreas" and trying to replace some of them as the Add On Plates, but none work. Also some of the ones I am attempting to replace on the Add On Plates don't have "_n" versions..??

    I was wondering what the issue is, could anyone help??
    I am using the mods folder btw.


    @ethannn_ tried getting rid of the add on plates?

  • @Reacon no, but i want to keep them away


    @ethannn_ yeah but for now, try taking them out of your mods folder and put them on your desktop, that way we'll see if that's the issue

  • @Reacon Ah ok. Will try soon and let you know what happens. Before I added the addon plates I don't think they were working i tested it

  • The problem is likely with my method of auto-installing the mod so that it doesn't accidentally overwrite whatever other changes one could have made to vehshare (so one can always export and copy textures).

    Vehshare is being loaded from "update.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles_packed/vehiclesshared.rpf", that's where you replace textures. Or you can just delete the whole path (vehicles_packed folder), and manually add the ytd wherever then replace the textures.

  • @WildBrick142 Ah, so should I just restart with the vanilla vehshare.ytd and add your add on plates and the replacement ones?

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