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OoWhat exactly to back up?

  • I didn't make a back up and I got an error so I'm starting over I reinstalled gta and i reinstalled openiv. (at least I think I did.)

    What should I back up for next time?

    Also does steam save my game progress or will I have to play a bit to get into free roam again?


    @Caseman backup update.rpf, and all the .exe’s. Also people say to back up social club launcher but I didn’t and it worked fine

  • @Caseman I simply backup the whole GTA V installation folder. This way you don't need to do all the modifications again in case of a reinstallation.
    BTW reinstalling the whole game just because of an error? I suggest you read the pinned comments in the troubleshooting section.
    I had to reinstall it only once and that was because Windows 10 sh*tted on me and I had to reinstall the whole OS and everything else along with it.

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