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Rockstar Editor - A mod to delete camera restrictions

  • So i was going to start a new project and I recorded my first clip while I was in a mission (Trevor Philips Industries) and I noticed that I can't edit any camera mode while in the Rockstar Editor (This clip doesn't allow you to edit cameras on Rockstar Editor).

    I was wondering if is there any mod to delete those restrictions or if someone can create one.


  • I’m sure you can change the camera from game camera to free camera and allows you to move the camera wherever

  • @deoxan go to openiv asi manager then install OpenCamera

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Global-Moderators you can mark this as solved I think

  • @Derpy-Canadian Just wait for the OP's response and we'll see if it solves it for him.

  • @Derpy-Canadian opencamera just allow you to record more faraway, it doesn't allow you to record on missions.

  • @deoxan are you sure you mentioned missions before? I feel you edited that because I do not remember seeing missions

  • @Derpy-Canadian you can see I edited the post 13 days ago

  • @deoxan i'd also like something like this, to add also being able to remove the restrictions of recording certain actions (smoking bong, drinking wine, watching TV etc.)

  • sounds like a brand new script mod might need to be made for this. Sadly it's not in my ability but it'd be nice if someone did make a camera that was more diverse.

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry for bringing this back. I am looking for exactly what the OP is asking for. I have a prototype of a video which I will post at the end of this so you can see what I'm talking about. I'm desperately looking for a mod for this or for it to be made. I would make it myself if I knew how.

  • @robp Ah, I see you found the right one. Good luck finding someone with that kind of coding skill, who's willing to do it.

    I never understood why there was no headway on this in the first place. One of the very first features on OpenIV was open camera. Since then the editor itself has gotten no love, except for the now defunct "Extended Video Export"

    I'd like for somebody to create a mod or tutorial where you can add music files. It must be possible: Rockstar itself has added countless music to the editor through DLC's. But I was listening to score from one of them, and I was annoyed that none of it was incorporated into the editor. Last time they did anything like that was for Halloween, and they were just ambient tracks and sound effects.

  • @robp
    There is a guy who made a first person cutscene mod, and that same guy recently made a third person cutscene mod, that he says might have the Rockstar Editor enabled in the future. If he can pull that off maybe he'll do your thing too - eventually. I already mentioned it to him. Since it's something I've wanted for awhile now too. I also mentioned that it's probably only restricted due to the limitations of the editor itself being unable to handle the mission's assets in some cases. So if we ever do get it it might not be worth that much, you never know.

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