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Vehicle Scenarios

  • Is there anyway way to increase the spawn possibility of vehicle scenarios in the game? For example peds riding bmx, peds parking ect.


  • @LDNENG Yes, there is. You can do this using Code Walker, and creating spawn points in any of the various 143 scenario region ymts in x64a/levels/gta5/scenario or update/update/x64/levels/gta5/scenario

  • @eshenk Im using codewalker for a project im working on but my problem is in game the vehicle scenarios very rarely spawn even with high priority flags. So im wondering if there is a file that controls how often they can spawn.

  • @LDNENG Do not use probability for this, turn back to zero, and set flag for high priority, making sure you increase the window of time the vehicle can spawn during. If that does not produce satisfactory results, then you might have to consider which model of the vehicle you are using. I would open vehicles.meta, and search for your vehicle, then find the line that determines the spawn probability. If set really low, it may be countering your efforts. 999 guarantees any vehicle will always spawn.I believe though a parameter passed to a scenario vehicle should not override whatever values are contained within vehicles.meta, but not 100% certain either.

  • I managed to fix this issue by editing the vanilla scenarios.meta file.. A lot of scenarios had a probabilty of 0... Now i face a new issue, sometimes scenario vehicles spawn with now peds and are just in the middle of the street. Not a high rate but i notice it, checked my project and nothing is set to high priority and nothing is at 0 - 24 for the timing except for specific empty vehicles i have placed..

  • @LDNENG HA!!! I was just getting ready to paste the same code into my reply back to you from <Item type="CScenarioVehicleInfo">
    <PropName />
    <Models ref="NULL" />
    <BlockedModels ref="NULL" />
    <SpawnProbability value="0.000000" />

  • Loool, you think the empty vehicles are causing this?

  • @LDNENG Hmmmmmmmm..... Yes, yes, I do as a matter of fact. It has been determined that scenario vehicles will be empty if setting peds and vehicles to high priority.

  • As a matter of fact, this symptom has prevented a mod to be released while we research a workaround, LOL.

  • Nothings set to high priority tho, the one thing i can only think of is you know how the vagos have empty cars just parked in their area? I have placed cars like that with no flags BUT i have put time start and end at 0, 0

  • @LDNENG Try putting this - WillAttractPeds - in the flags section of the scenario.meta file you just edited.

  • Hmm but the weird thing is the scenarios i have placed work fine but some vanilla vehicle scenarios are affected by this lol. Will have to check tomorrow im ready to ko

  • @LDNENG Lemme know the outcome. If need be, I can recruit some help.

  • Sounds good man, thanks

  • @eshenk well i just checked out how the vanilla world_vehicle_empty vehicles are placed and they use times 0,0 and also 0,24 so im stumped haha

  •   <ProbabilityForDriver value="0.000000" /> 

    i seemed to have over looked this lol

  • @LDNENG Nice!

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