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[SCRIPT][Released] Better Vehicle First Person

  • Here's a little preview of...

    Better Vehicle First Person

    It offers...

    • In-game fully adjustable head position and field of view
    • Head bobbing / inertia - for me, this makes driving feel a lot more realistic
    • Looking back (using the look back control) moves the view clear of the headrest

    The core functionality is done; right now I just need to add position saving for individual vehicles and a UI.


    Nice! Can't wait to try it out.

    You might wanna test with a better handling mod, the cars are way too grippy it seems like :p Makes the demo disorienting.


    Amazing! This will be a must have mod for everyone who likes realism <3

  • @Razorwings18 Now this is cool

  • Unfortunately, I can't seem to get things properly set up to be able to show the player character's hands while in the vehicle. The problem is that when braking hard, the character shifts forward and ends up in front of the camera.

    If anyone knows how to do any of the following, it would go a long way toward getting the hands to show up on the steering wheel:

    a) Keep the character immobile, except for the hands.

    b) Make the head disappear

    c) Move a specific bone, so I could at least bend the neck into the body

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