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[HELP NEEDED] GTA 5 .Meta Crashing

  • I recently booted up GTA 5 after a few months and at first it kept crashing. I knew somethings went wrong due to the fact that I was gone for so long from the game. I figured out what the crashing was coming from and it was coming from my modded folder and I found out it was crashing because everything I edit something in the handling.meta or the vehicle.meta in the past was crashing it. So, I updated the mods folder and everything was working before I started editing the handling.meta or the vehicle.meta files, after it started crashing again after I started editing those files again, so if anyone knows a way to fix this, it would absolutely great! Thank you for whoever can help.

  • Fixed


    It'd be a nice gesture to write down your fix, so people with similar issues can find the fix in the future :)

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