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[Script] Separate controls for where you are looking and the direction your character is aiming/facing

  • I'm looking for a mod that will allow for separate controls for the direction your character is facing (and aiming) and where he is looking.

    I am putting together a budget VR system and would like to use it with GTA. I am using one of those cheap VR headsets and streaming it to my phone using the Trinus VR app. It works surprisingly well with minimal setup, and my phone has a gyroscope so it even supports head tracking. The problem I am having is that, because these 2 actions are linked together (you aim where you look), navigating and shootouts are awkward. You have to constantly turn your head to walk in different directions and literally point your face directly at someone to shoot them. Also, the head tracking interferes with input from my Xbox controller when I use the analog stick to turn, and if auto aim is enabled, the game doesn't know what to do you just can't move.

    What I need is to be able to control the direction my character is facing/aiming with one input and where he is looking with another. The head tracking I'm using simulates mouse movements, so I would like to be able to control where I am looking with the mouse and aiming/facing with the analog stick on my controller. Thanks!

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