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"Object reference not set to an instance of an object error"

  • This error I mentioned up here is occurring problem in almost all of my map editor mods. Please help. Thank you

  • @Amphus This is a NullReferenceException (you didn't paste that part). It occurs whenever program code tries to call into a class which is not instantiated and therefore null.
    We could say more if you give us the log (preferably via pastebin).

  • @Cyron43 how do i find that? haveing the same dam issue!

  • @Cyron43 i am having the same issue

    RAGE Plugin Hook v0.64.1234.15464 PUBLIC ALPHA

    Game: Grand Theft Auto V
    Game build: 1604
    Branch: Steam

    ===== .NET exception information =====
    Type: System.NullReferenceException
    Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Stack trace: at SlimDX.Direct3D11.EffectResourceVariable.SetResource(ShaderResourceView view)
    at Rage.Texture.Draw(RectangleF rectangle, Single u1, Single v1, Single u2, Single v2)
    at Rage.Texture.Draw(RectangleF rectangle)
    at Rage.Mouse.Draw()
    at Rage.FormsManager.RedrawMouse()
    at Rage.Plugin.OnRender(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at Rage.HookManager.OnRender(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at Rage.D3DManager.OnRenderInvoke()
    at Rage.?A0xa6ee17d6.OnD3DPresentCallback()
    at std._Func_impl<void (__cdecl*)(void),std::allocator<int>,void>._Do_call(_Func_impl<void (__cdecl*)(void),std::allocator<int>,void>* )
    at std._Func_class<void>.()(_Func_class<void>* )

    Plugins loaded at the time of the crash:
    Cop Holster by PieRGud / Yard1.
    EUP Menu by PieRGud / Alex Braun / EUP Team.
    KTFDO by Khorio.
    LSPD First Response by G17 Media.
    Persistent Weapon Flashlight by alexguirre.
    PoliceToolbox by DemNinjas.
    ScenariOh! by PeterU.
    StickyWheels by Khorio.

    No plugin was ticking at the time of this crash.
    Base address: 000000013f9d0000
    Exception address: 000007fe85e52588
    Exception offset: 7fd46482588
    Exception code: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)

  • Protip: ask for RPH support on their forums/site rather than this one since they are better able to provide support for their own program.

  • @Natesnake01, while @Anonymoused281 is right RPH forums is the better place to ask these questions, I can tell you that RPH is not a very stable tool actually...

    Even more so, in case of such gameplay mods like LSPD:FR, the support forums are literally overflowing with crash reports. Regardless of how good and meticulous your script / mod installation is, it is a developers' job to amend these resources in RPH case. It is safe to say, your machine or installation is probably not the problem.

  • @TheMurderousCricket Indeed, and to be fair, each update is clearly listed as an Alpha build.

  • That's right. This project will never be labeled as "finished" as long as R* keeps updating the game. If only Take-Two would understand how much potential (and, well yeah, monetary value) a police or firefighting-oriented game could have!


    @TheMurderousCricket said in "Object reference not set to an instance of an object error":

    how much potential (and, well yeah, monetary value) a police or firefighting-oriented game could have!

    Tbh even just a stable, supported dlc like that. I remember there was rumours that a police dlc for online was coming

  • @Reacon - I remember there was one update where you could chase an escaping Weeny Issi, but that's actually all I ever heard about "policing" in GTA. Pretty shitty and tiny game mode compared to such solutions as "LSPD:FR" or Guadmaz's "Vigilante Missions".

    I believe Blaine County and Los Santos are too interesting and digitally-beautiful places to be a crime ridden cesspits like Liberty City was in GTA 3. I'm done with a game that glorifies crime and advertises heists, killing, explosions and robberies as the only option to have fun in such an immersive environment as GTA 5. I'm still not over 15% in the story mode! I enjoy chasing criminals and arresting drunk drivers much more.

    Anyway, if any elaborate emergency-oriented update would indeed land (which is unlikely given Take-Two's bloodlust), I think we wouldn't be able to use it offline anyway. :rolling_eyes:


    @TheMurderousCricket think the absolute closest r* came to making a police ‘mode’ was gta 4’s police computer where you could respond to crimes and track down most wanted etc except you couldn’t arrest anyone, only kill them (obviously since R* made it)

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