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After update, open IV complain no encryptionkey??

  • Hey, so the game got an update. First one for me with mods so im kinda new to updating this games mods and files on this situation.

    I allready redownöloaded Scrpthook and community scripthook .NET..

    Now OpenIV complains, that "encryption_key.bin" file.. I have the installation folder "F:\Gaming Software\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V" selected and tried browsing the folders there too, but this file seems to be missing.

    What to do?? Getting a new videocard in couple of days, and i do want to get GTA 5 working again..

  • i got the Open IV running, never did i notice, that theres also buttons for xbox and ps and apparently, been pressing the right button accidentally until today :dagger:
    Anyway, the game still crashes on the loading screen :(

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