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[Script] Disabled/Reduced Auto Braking

  • Hi there,
    I'd like to request a script that reduces R*'s auto braking to a more realistic level when releasing the gas pedal. As of now, this is my biggest issue with a lot of handling lines of a wide variety of custom cars. It would be awesome to have a script that works universally for all handling lines.


    @prince_linus Which "handling line" are you talking about?

  • @Unknown-Modder I don't know what the exact parameter is. Both Realistic Driving and especially @OrangeAgent's Vehicle handling for keyboard reduces auto braking to a basically perfect level. According to him, these are the parameters he edited:

    <fHandBrakeForce value="0.250000" />
    <fSteeringLock value="17.000000" />
    <fInitialDriveForce value="0.140000" />

    I suppose the auto braking is either defined by fInitalDriveForce or by the handling flags, though I got no idea how those are determined.

    Edit: I just did some testing & figured out the auto braking is determined by strHandlingFlags.
    I used Realistic Driving V's Bobcat XL <strHandlingFlags>820100</strHandlingFlags> and pasted it into the handling.meta of Dani02's Vapid Coyote.
    The time the cars needed to come to a stop upon releasing the gas pedal are now pretty much the same - around 11s with 30 MPH - compared to the initial 3s with the Coyote's <strHandlingFlags> set to 0.

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