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Vehicle scaleforms are not getting drawn when unpaused

  • See the video for the issue:

    Anybody know what's up?


    @ikt I assume they don't draw the scaleform when you're not in the vehicle because of performance reasons.
    It's not really necessary since you don't even pay attention to it most of the time.

    You can, however, draw it manually by calling _REQUEST_VEHICLE_SCALEFORM_MOVIE (0xDBA3C090E3D74690) (must be looped).

    Not sure why it's drawn when paused, probably a bug (could be due to the rendertarget changing, idk).

  • Ah, I tried it back to 877 and the behavior is the same, so it must've just been me not paying attention. I really thought it was present some while ago :p

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