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Help with bullet forces!

  • Hey GTA5 modding community. I have a question regarding bullet forces and how players react to them. I have tried numerous things to make the bullet forces as low as possible ( I have set the forcehitped to 1 and bonetag forces to 1, made the ped mass 150,200,500 and even 1000 haha) but no values I change seem to make a big difference. My goal is to have the bullets go through them smooth as butter and when they get hit the dont get pushed at all or maybe just very very slightly, even on the 2nd 3rd 4th shot I just want the bullets to pass through like butter and have the ped react slightly. I want to only change weapons.meta, pedbounds,pedhealth files none of the .ymt and those kinds of files. All help will be appreciated from the bottom of my heart because ive been doing this for hours and days and nothing seems to work.

  • Please help me with this. Alot of people install these euphoria mods and there is very little people i see that know how this stuff works. 3 days now i've been trying to edit these files and I cannot get it to work. Like I said I changed bullet forces, pedhealth, pedmass, behaviours, the only thing I haven't edited is the physicstasks.ymt because I have no idea what the most important lines are. Please help, thanks.

  • @mrbadass For serious inquiries, this is the last place I would go for help - in case you haven't noticed it's pretty desolate here. Personally I would head over to rage euphoria page, tag bravercoolio, and ask him personally. I have noticed he has a reasonable presence over there and does respond to questions.If that fails you, join discord. It's always active with plenty of people who would definitely know where to direct you. I am nearly certain you will need edits to physicstasks for what you are trying to do.

  • @eshenk Yea I have contacted Bravercoolio and he said I need to edit the physicstasks but the problem is the meta toolkit to convert .ymt to .xml or .meta doesnt work.

  • I'm busy so my answer will be very brief.

    Contact me on 5mods Discord server, and I will solve your issue.

    Name : jevi_modderfucking.meta

    Have a nice day.

  • @mrbadass It's way dated. Use codewalker for this task. Launch it, then open up rpf explorer using the tools menu, then find your file, right-click, and export to XML. Edit: Also look above my reply, someone with skill, wants to help you get this done!

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