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[WEAPON] [REALEASED] Exploding Soda Can smoke grenade

  • I am posting this topic here since I am having a problem and I think this is serious, the purpose of me posting is to find answers to my questions or any solution.

    temporarily released : https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/exploding-smoke-grenade-handcrafted-rottr-style

    I managed to make the soda can as the model to replace the ammo of the smoke grenade now the Problem here is the weapon that I am holding is not the soda can. It is real strange because i have already DELETED all the model files of the smoke grenade from the root x64e weapons.rpf up to the patchday8 weapons.rpf .. I also tried putting the soda can mod to the mods folder but nothing happened.

    WHY is it persistently still present in the game when they are all deleted?
    What is this? , is this hard coded? what is going on to gtaV?

    I think I need help , i hope someone can explain what is going on . . . screenshots below!

    alt text
    alt text

    problem solved. :beers: :tomato:

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