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Menyoo Does not Open All Cars

  • My menyoo opens only 9 cars in the Super, and I had several mods. Can someone help me ? Apparently it opens only the cars of the original game. Without reason he stopped working out of nowhere.

  • @lazarohenrique Same here! I first installed ScriptHook V and the ScriptHook V .NET and installed trainers and it was working fine. I then updated to the more advanced Menyoo trainer and it works flawlessly. I also installed a few other mods like the gravity gun and so on. Now when I started to mod cars by add-on it didn't showed "Invalid model" even after I edited the dlclist.xml and the extratitleupdatedata.meta files. So I then did the gameconfig thing and the game was working and the car started to spawn invisible with flares. All other stock vehicles work fine. They spawn perfectly with a bang with flares all over. But for the add-on cars, I only seem to see the flares and not the car. My game version is 1.0.350.1 for which I couldn't find a gameconfig. I tried all gameconfig for 1.0.1xxx and 1.7xxx and all but nothing seems to work. Please help me.

  • @lazarohenrique Try a different gameconfig and check for any errors in dlclist
    @nelsoncsimon Can you show screenshots of those flares?

  • @lazarohenrique yes also same problem here only 9 cars show in menyoo or trainer in-valid why any body help plz

  • This post is deleted!

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