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Links in comments

  • Hey there,

    So I was writing up a comment on a file that I saw and I really like it. But there was something a little off about the mod and its real life counterpart. I wanted to show a picture that I'd found on the internet, but I wasn't quite sure if links were allowed in comments, as they may lead users to unknown sites that may download viruses. Not that this one does, as it's a simple google image. That's really all that I wanted to ask.


  • Links are allowed, as long as they:

    • Do not link to "sketchy" sites
    • Do not link to copyrighted material
    • Do not link to reuploaded files (in the case that an author does not allow reuploading of his/her work)

    Link shorteners like AdFly are usually looked down upon but I am unsure whether it is allowed or not.

  • @stillhere Great. Thanks.

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